TVCloud is a metadata management platform available on the cloud (SaaS) that provides fast and cost effective collection, curration, translation and distribution of TV listings to operations around the world.

TVCloud offers...


an intelligence interface for fast scheduling, curation and translation of TV Listings


an efficient multitenant eniveronment where everyone can work in parallel


end-2-end control and vertical responsibility of individual tasks accross the platform



As a result, TV operators receive their custom EPG documents
as fast as possible and they are only charged for the extra editorial or translation effort they have requested.



For the very first time, TV listings can be delivered around the world
with no middle men, no aggregation delays, and better quality in a fraction of the cost.

Wouldn't be great if

The content owner had a dashboard to view how their product is delivered and displayed across the multiple TV platforms around the world?

Editors were given a prioritised list of unique programs to work with, free from the overhead of the TV schedule management and operation?

TV operators had the full control of the cost of metadata localisation and curation, with flexible and dynamic allocation of the editorial and translation resources?


Metadata and schedules are entered ONCE,

curated ONCE, managed centrally and exported ONCE ready for consumption.

No more

  • Multiple platforms chained in a heavily fragmented ecosystem
  • Unnecessary data manipulation from one database to another
  • Expensive curation and translation to custom TV operator’s specification
  • Multiple manual human interactions which are prone to omissions and mistakes
  • Late arrival of schedule updates and impossible delivery of last minute changes

Join us now. We are inviting:

that create original TV listing to easily upload their schedules on a global repository of EPG information.

TV operators
to receive custom EPG feeds in one or more languages for their STBs or any other device.

Metadata aggregation companies or individuals
to manage their metadata in the cloud on behalf of their clients.


This is TVCloud and we are inviting you to disrupt this market together.

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